Two Concepts that Will Increase Your Abundance Permanently and Forever

When I was younger, I identified my worth and value through achievement. I thought the more ground I could cover, the more income I could earn, the more recognition I could garner, the better life was, and the better I was. How I felt about myself was determined by external measures.

A time came when despite all my achievements I still felt incomplete. Something was missing. Then, when the 2008 recession hit the US economy suddenly money became an issue like it had never been before at any time in my life. I began to search out, and mentor with several of the wisest abundance experts this planet has to offer.

Given the stature of these individuals I expected I would undertake a course that would be arduous and complex. I viewed my learning and experience with them as an achievement. After many hours, weeks, and years of struggle I would discover that the principles of abundance, and generating abundance are quite simple and have practically nothing to do with achievement. They have everything to do with allowing it in.

One of the first and most challenging lessons I had to grasp was that my abundance was inside of me. That took the most time. I learned that my value is not in what I have or receive. Rather that my value is inherent, and it never changes. No matter what happens in my life.

My value does not change because life throws me a curve ball, or because I make a mistake, or because an influential person does not like me. My value never waivers whether I achieve great accomplishments or end up in jail for a heinous crime. Once I grasped that concept, abundance became much easier to manifest. I understood that I contribute to the whole. No one can contribute like another. Every contribution brings important energetic value to the collective.

It is human to desire and want things to happen. We identify achievements and activity as a sign that we are capable, and effective in our daily lives. It is also rewarding to experience the fruits of our labor. They provide validation and recognition of our ability to organize energy productively. They let us know we are on the right track. In the human experience we do need things. Mostly experiences are for the purpose of who we become. Not for what we get.

When we are working toward a goal, we are often at our happiest. When the outcome arrives, the satisfaction is short lived. Stimulation of “getting” something lasts about 20 minutes in most circumstances, maybe up to a day or two. The challenge/reward of becoming something over days, weeks, months, or years lives with us forever.

We get tripped up when we shift from experiencing to attaching to goals. When the goal becomes the dominant focus of our energy, we immediately begin to lose power. Our quest and desire takes us away from ourselves rather than guides us toward ourselves. Then we struggle. Our definition of abundance no longer resonates from our core center of value. Abundance does not flow.

How do we avoid this pitfall? How do we stay in right relationship to an energetic universe that responds perfectly to our vibratory state of being? The best way to do this is to become comfortable with not knowing what will happen.

When we become comfortable not knowing, we relinquish any relationship to resistance. When we must know how, when, or why something is going to work out, that itself is a form of resistance. We are essentially telling the universe we do not trust the evolutionary perfection of expansion. Through our worry and concern we divorce ourselves from divine connection. We shut down intuitive insights that may otherwise lead us to the very thing we say we want. We unintentionally insert impediments into our process.

The art of becoming comfortable with “not knowing” is the art of being free in life. When we do not have to control, manipulate, or worry about external affairs we become free to be happy and present. In that we raise our magnetism and become naturally good attractors to things that are unique to our state of being. In other words, exactly what we need and more.

Once I learned that my abundance was in me, and that my value was inherent I began to stop asking for things. I didn’t need much. I was no longer trying to prove something to myself or the world. I stopped trying to achieve. I began to focus on “allowing in” rather than going to “get.”

It is not that I will never ask for something or manifest something I need in a particular moment. I have learned that becoming a good receiver and expecting the best to occur in my life is a far superior strategy than pushing and forcing energy to do what I think best. The universe does a much better job than I can do. My needs are most often met beyond my wildest expectations.

Learn and embody these two concepts and your abundance and life will change beyond any strategy you could ever devise.