The Top 2 Reasons the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

The Top 2 Reasons the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

Ever since the release of the ground-breaking book, The Secret, and the subsequent movie, the practice of the Law of Attraction has been of utmost interest to many around the globe. The beauty of The Secret is that it introduced the world to the Law of Attraction on a global scale. It ushered in a shift in awareness about the nature of energy as a practical tool in our life. It was a game changer.

The good news about this is that manifestation practices became mainstream topics of conversation. Suddenly people had access to powerful and amazing technologies that could allow them to advance their lives in a different way than ever before. As the every day person began to practice the Law of Attraction, although some succeeded quickly, many met with frustration, limited results and flat out failure. Their attempts to “attract” didn’t work.

My work has taken me around the globe to mentor with some of the most influential and well-known experts in the field of the Law of Attraction, including contributors to the book and movie, The Secret. Over the course of 20 years I have seen up close and personal in my life and in my clients’ lives the primary reasons the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for the most dedicated and thoughtful practitioner.

What follows are the top two reasons the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you:

1. Your “Ask” is Rooted in Scarcity

The law of attraction and magnetism itself is all about working with energy in the purest sense. Science class taught all of us that everything in the universe is energy. Energy is vibratory. It follows a spectrum, from dense to sparse, to fast to slow, to choppy to smooth. How we, as energetic beings, relate to the energy of life determines the course of our life and the quality of our life experience.

Perhaps most groundbreaking for Law of Attraction students is the study from Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. These Nobel prize winning physicists gave us the scientific proof that what we perceive to be true alters physical matter.

What does this mean for the Law of Attraction? It means that when we come to our “ask” with “I do not have enough” scarcity itself is the foundation of our ask. In a universe that relates to itself in energetic terms, like a mirror, we are unintentionally sending scarcity into the universe. We send an “ask” based in scarcity and ask for more. The result from that ask can only be more scarcity.

2. We Focus on What We Don’t Have Rather than on What We Have

As we delve further into the energy of the Law of Attraction, and how this system works, we can’t escape the interconnectedness between energy, and the abundant nature of the Law of Attraction itself. What does that mean? That the Law of Attraction itself is a high frequency vibration formula and mechanism. It requires that we interact with the Law of Attraction as a high frequency entity.

What are high vibrations and high frequency activities? They are expressions grounded in love, joy, generosity, kindness, openness, honesty and gratitude, to name a few. You get the picture. High frequency vibrations are both fast moving and spacious. Conversely, vibrations attached to greed, anger, violence, selfishness and deception are slow moving and contracted in nature. If we look at mid-level vibrations, apathy, boredom, carelessness, they also relate to stagnation and frustration in life. If we align with low frequency vibrations we receive low frequency results.

What most people tend to do is focus on what they do not have. They focus on what is not working in their life and stress-out about it in a habitual manner. We miss seeing the value of the moment we are in. We are so hyper focused on what we do not have that we cannot see what we do have, or the gift of the moment we are in. We negate and resist our life.

Even painful moments bring opportunity for expanded self-awareness, clarity of purpose and recognition of what truly cultivates a state of happiness. Most westerners have fallen victim to the idea that our happiness exists outside of us. In that we are forever consumed with achievement and “getting” and “making things happen.” In the forever striving to “get” “achieve” or “make happen” we are incapable of focusing on the beauty of the moment we are in. In that we diminish ourselves and our power to create.

When we recognize, and “feel” our life is full and complete, and that we are blessed right now, and that awareness dominates our viewpoint, it becomes easy to implement the Law of Attraction. We are creating from abundance. We no longer approach the Law of Attraction from scarcity but rather from abundance.

The Law of Attraction does work. It is mostly effortless. Meaning, when we are in right relationship to ourselves, and in gratitude for what we have, and our experience “as is” what we need and want comes without having to ask. When we do ask for something it’s from a state of wholeness and abundance not from scarcity.

The Law of Attraction is a process of embracing high vibration frequencies in every area of our life, and then interacting with the high vibration mechanism that is the Law of Attraction. Then we are able to enjoy the benefits that come from practicing the various technologies that work to manifest in our lives.