The Secret to Ongoing Abundance

The Secret to Ongoing Abundance
What Most of Us Get Wrong and How to Get it Right!

Many of us are stunned that 2020 is here. 2019 seemed to move so quickly. If this trend continues 2020 portends to move as fast or faster than 2019. These are simply the times we live in. In this time when everything feels like it is moving faster many of us wonder if we can keep up. We wonder how we will get around to becoming abundant with everything else we have to do. We wonder if we will have the energy or stamina to take the steps to reach our goals and improve our lives. In these very questions is where many of us get tripped up in the abundance equation. 

Abundance is something we tune into. It’s not something we put on a to-do list like grocery shopping or paying our bills. Abundance is a state of consciousness we nurture all the time. We do this by how we manage our thoughts and feelings. Abundance is a way of being that causes us to be in right relationship to benevolence. When we are in right relationship to abundance we are naturally magnetic to all that is positive and wealthy.

When it comes to abundance itself we have to look at it differently than something we have to “do.” Strong and thoughtful people often jump into action and take charge of a situation to make things work out for them. That’s one way to do things. That approach has inherent limitations because it is a solo project rather than a collaboration. When we engage with the flow of abundance everything becomes easier and bigger.

Example: If you have a boat, but no river, it’s much more difficult to make your way down the river. If you engage the boat with the river suddenly travel and movement becomes easier and our trip is expedited. We want to think of our relationship to consciousness similarly. We have the boat. Divine consciousness is the river. How can we best interact with this river to allow it’s benefit into our lives? This is needs to be the focus for abundance seekers. Not how can I get something? But rather how do I make myself magnetic? How do I collaborate effectively?

It’s human to feel that the first thing we need to do when we are unhappy is make a change of some kind. We want the discomfort to stop. That approach is the tail wagging the dog. We make an external change in the hope that we will feel better internally. Often those changes bring only temporarily relief. When it comes to “effortless” abundance, meaning that what you need finds you, it is mostly an exercise in broadening your awareness. That is achieved by shifting internally.

I like the analogy of looking at life through a window. When we awaken to a broader awareness we expand the view from our window. We clean off smudges that we didn’t even know where there. One of my favorite Dr. Wayne Dyer sayings is “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” When the window you are seeing life through is bigger and broader, your life will become bigger and broader. Life has to respond differently to you because you are different. 

How do we broaden our consciousness? How do we awaken? We pay attention to our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs. We make sure our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are grounded in spiritual truths, such as:

  • We are consciousness itself

  • Every moment is a creative experience

  • We are not doing life alone. It is a collaboration

  • If we are in pain, our task is to peel back the layers until we understand how the moment is serving us

  • Approach each moment as if you chose it

  • Gratitude is the answer to lack

  • Time is not meaningful in abundance, state of being is

  • We can’t be given a learning experience we don’t need

Before you change something, address your internal dialogue and belief systems. This is where your paydirt lives. Move these things around and the external reality will change. 

As you jump into 2020 with fast energy continuing in our lives, it is all the more reason to address abundance from your state of being, rather than attempt to keep a pace with external markers that in many ways are impossible to maintain.   

Success in these fast times insist we surrender to broader ways of thinking. That’s a good thing. The ability to separate from the ego’s grip will only lead us to less effort, more abundance, and happier lives. 

In 2020 don’t change, but rather awaken.