Ruta Lee

3 Elements to Master the Art of Receiving

By Phyllis King

There are two dominant misconceptions when it comes to abundance. The first is that it is not something we get, or something we make happen. It is something we allow in. We allow it in by rejecting limited thoughts and beliefs. We also allow it in by rejecting those things that are "less than" what we want. When we fill up our minds and life with things we do not want, there is no room for what we do want to come into our experience. 

Most of us have so much fear around risk, and letting go of what we have, we opt to cling tightly to things that do not fit in lieu of making space for greater things that will fit. I refer to this as settling for the comfortable "known" rather than the uncomfortable "unknown." In that resistance to step into the unknown we unintentionally fragment our manifestations or exclude them entirely.

The second misconception with living in abundance is that it is a way of being we tune into and match. It is not something we do or make happen. In western culture specifically we are taught that hard work and effort is the pathway to success. Of course we need to move our energy in various directions to create outcomes. The idea of effort and hard work is an ego-based point of view. It is a limited method to provide fulfillment. Effort is a mid-level frequency vibration on the spectrum of vibrations. Effort will never produce the highest vibration outcomes. Only joy and enthusiasm produce high vibration outcomes. 

At moments we may need to direct more energy than other times. The point is to direct energy, not to bear down on ourselves in a manner that takes us out of balance. Once we are out of balance, our ability to receive becomes limited. We cling to frequencies that reduce our ability to receive our highest good. 

When we consider the art of receiving it is a mastery of three elements:

  • Openness to the unknown. We must learn to manage our discomfort with what we do not know. It is outside of "what we know" where our dreams live. It is a place we do not yet know, and only envision. Without stepping into the unknown we will not realize our dreams.

  • Trust in the relationship we have to the greater reality. Trust is the glue that keeps us centered inside of the "unknown." Trust is built through experience, not through hope. The more we develop a conscious connection to the greater reality, the more we will trust. Experience will prove that our needs are always met beyond what our mind can conceive.

  • As we learn to invite the "unknown" into our life, and we develop trust with the greater reality we are more able to maintain inner balance. With inner balance we maintain high level frequencies which is what causes us to attract high vibration experiences, i.e., make us good receivers.

  • When these three elements are intact attracting positive experiences becomes normal. It is not that challenging experiences will never cross our path. As we stay in a state of receiving, challenges resolve more quickly and benevolently, and we discover that our needs continue to be met beyond our expectation.

When we are tuned into abundance, and a state of receiving we rarely require a certain thing make itself manifest. We focus on maintaining the three elements that cause us to be receivers and allow life to support us.

 The art of receiving is just that, an art. Each situation requires a different level of concentration, adjustment, or recognition. This is path of living a spiritual life in a human body. If we perceive our experience as an art, then we stop identifying abundance as a black or white scenario. We see it more as a state of being that we work to stay tuned into as much as possible.

 As the old saying goes "how do we get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice." Before we know it, we are living the dreams previously we could only envision.


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