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Learn This One Life Law - Everything Will Make Sense

By Phyllis King

In my business people come to me to ask, “when will I find love?” or “when will my money get better?” or “when will I stop struggling? Or, when will life stop being so hard?” One common denominator with most of my clients in lack is the absence of awareness to this one life law: We do not create outcomes. We create results. We are creators 24/7. When we learn this life law, and work within the mindset of “what am I creating by my choices, my emotions, and my thoughts?” our life changes. Everything we have felt was out of reach suddenly becomes available.

Most often people come to a circumstance from a deep state of lack of some kind. They identify with that lack as the truth. They are confused as to why they struggle. Let us use the example of someone who wants to bring a love relationship into their life They mostly think about what they can get from another person, rather than what they can give. Love has little to do with “getting.” Love is an action word of generosity and grace towards another. 

Or, other times, the inner narrative says, “I am supposed to get married. “If I do not have a partner something must be wrong with me” or “I want to feel complete in my life.” ‘I am lonely.” These are examples of real-life mindsets that have come into my office over the years. They are all doomed to fail or become problematic. They are based in lack. They all suggest that the self is less-than. The thing they desire is what will make them whole. That view is inherently flawed.

People choose this view repeatedly. They experience disappointment repeatedly. The answer is to wake up to the life law that we are creating our lives 24/7. If we do not like the results, we need to try something else. That something else begins with recognizing our wholeness as divine beings.

To make the point – let us imagine we are cooking soup. The base of our soup is sour or otherwise degraded liquid stock. No matter what we add to the stock, it is going to taste funky. When our creation began with faulty stock it became difficult at best to make it taste good. In life it is not too different than the soup. When the foundation of our creative process / our motivation is negative or grounded in lack we are going to have fragmented results.

As we seek to bring abundance, love, success, or fulfillment of any kind into our lives we must recognize that what we want already exists in consciousness. Then our process becomes about how we relate to that which already exists. The best way to relate to that which already exists is to be like it. Be abundant. Be loving. Be success in action. Be what you want to see.

In law of attraction work we hear things such as “work from the end back, behave as if it already happened.” This is one element that supports relating to what we want as if it already exists. The second piece is in remembering that as creators we are God like. The more we honor that in ourselves the more our relationships, our jobs, and our friendships become grounded in love, rather than lack. We insert ourselves directly into divine flow able to receive abundance.

When we master the of law of results not outcomes, we focus on our true motivations. It is “next level” living. So, when people talk to me about living paycheck to paycheck or being one payday away from living on the street, what they fail to recognize is that they are also one payday away from living in supreme abundance. It is all in how we nurture our relationship to consciousness, and how we see ourselves in that dynamic.

Culture, religion, parents, and well-meaning friends have conditioned us to believe we are less than what we are. We have been convinced we are unworthy, and small. Our view of God is one of a punishing deity, as opposed to a consciousness that honors our creative processes. The law in the universe provides free will for us to experience life. We get to know the difference physically between happy and sad, good, and evil, success and failure. With that knowing each of us has free will to create pain or peace.

Learn this rule, of results not outcomes. Awaken to your true nature. Receive the abundance life has promised you simply for being alive.


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