Praise and Gratitudes

"It's not just her intuitive power, her extraordinary ability to "see" energy and how it is working for her client; Phyllis King has mastered the skill of counseling beyond any certification or degree. Maybe it's her complete lack of any trace of judgment or criticism towards her client's choices and experience. Whatever the magical ingredient she brings, it's the most effective counseling and guidance I've received in nearly two decades of trying various modalities of therapy. Phyllis quite literally saved my life two years ago. Now that I've read her newest book, Energy of Abundance, I get it: step by simple step, Phyllis has shown me the way back to Joy, and how to live there. For good!"

Elizabeth,Chapel Hill, NC

"I've known Phyllis for several years and my first experience with her was at one of her soul circles many years ago. I've since been to many of Phyllis's workshops, solstices, book signing engagements and had personal readings. In a word: Magniflorious!!! Through her own life's inspirations and vulnerabilities in keeping it real, Phyllis exudes a level of intelligence, intellect, common sense, compassion and empathy and all of those are resonated in every one of her speaking and written words. I am honored to call Phyllis my spiritual guide, confidant and one of the most beautiful, enigmatic, genuine people I've met. I am blessed to have her in my life. You don't have to take a workshop or have a reading with Phyllis to feel her spirit and depth, although I highly recommend you do. Just being in her presence will lift and enlighten your life and your soul."

lynn whalen,Alameda, CA

"Phyllis King has the most phenomenal gift. I am beyond grateful for having her insight, wisdom and vision to help direct me. I never doubt or question what she sees happening in my life as she is always spot on. It is because of her extraordinary insight I have been able to make positive shifts in my life that have made all the difference."

Allyson S.,Greenwich, CT

"Phyllis is an absolute delight! She is the most warm, caring compassionate, loving, and insightful woman that I have ever met! She's helped guide me to living an abundant life. She dug deep and asked important questions that facilitated me in reaching incredible breakthroughs! I am DEFINITELY more grounded and a better person after our work together!"

Sonya Z.,Alameda, CA

"Amazing is what word I use to describe Phyllis King as a teacher, person and her Intuitive Life Coaching course. I have taken other spiritual classes but with Phyllis she provides you with one on one attention and although you are not the only student in course she certainly makes you feel like you are. I have very busy schedule with full time work but when I heard of this course I truly thought I could not pass up the opportunity and knowing I have complete and trust Phyllis I invested my time and money and was not disappointed. It was well worth it. I learned so much more about myself during the course then I expected that ironically helped me grow during the course and face my own challenges and steps to inner growth I needed to do. When I was challenged Phyllis was only one email or phone call away to help me through the process. I am so proud to say to other I am a Intuitve Life Coach and I was certified by Phyllis King. I highly recommend her for her personal work and as teacher."

Sandra Simms,San Lorenzo,CA

"I first heard about Phyllis from a friend that had a couple of readings by her. I listened with interest and knew someday I would call for a reading. Then I met Phyllis at a function at Ft Mason in S.F.. I was so moved with what she said to the 25 individuals in my group I could hardly wait until she got around to me. What she was telling people was so profound for them. I was quite nervous and somewhat anxious. Then it was my turn and this is what she said. "You just sparkle" and then she was done. What, wait I want more!! It wasn't long after I called her because I felt a bit cheated. I have since have referred at least 15 people to her and every one of them have come back to me and thanked me as she touched each one touch each one deeply as she did for me and made a profound difference for everyone I referred to her. Phyllis has the Gift to to help you see your purpose for living and to move you gently and positively in the direction of joy and fulfillment. I will forever be grateful."

Vicki Crystal,Clear Lake, CA

"In 2014, I had the pleasure to meet Phyllis for the first time in person for the “Life Breakthrough” workshop. She is truly amazing, loving, and caring. She cleared my aura, balanced my chakras, read my blueprint, and did a reading. I never really had much faith in the power of balancing chakras till I started seeing the results of her work; her readings were accurate and her work is divine. Her wisdom and coaching made a huge difference in my life. I’ve completed the “Intuitive Life Coaching” with Phyllis, and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Not only did it help me in becoming a life coach and helping others, it also helped me with my own self-development and path towards spirituality. She is always so supportive and caring, and I am truly blessed to have had a chance to meet and work with her closely."

sara,San Francisco Bay Area

"Phyllis is the most amazing teacher, healer, life coach…not to mention an incredible psychic that is so right on! Is there anything she can’t do? I think not! I have been working with Phyllis for a little over a year now and my life has changed in so many positive ways I never ever thought possible. She sees what is possible in people’s lives and she truly wants everyone to have it all! She is so full of love; she’s funny, amazingly gifted and a true gem."

Terri Gross,Sunnyvale,CA

"Phyllis is a compassionate listener,very intuitive and is highly knowledgeable, and most importantly, she offers concrete strategies for turning periods of transition into opportunities for growth.” She responds in a timely manner and offers sound advice in times of need. I would recommend her book and classes to everyone and Her insight has always been right on to the date of the event. She is the best I have ever met and will continue to be her client and believe in her special gifts she has to offer."

Josette Hoffman,Danville California

"I discovered Phyllis King through her insightful book, “The Energy of Abundance.” On December 12, 2017, I had a Blueprint reading and during my reading, in addition to discussing my main dynamics/life purpose, she talked about 2018 and..."

S.G.,48, San Francisco, CA

"I have known Phyllis King for about 10 years. She is one of the most kind, compassionate people with the utmost integrity that I have ever met. I have had many ups and down in my life and she has always been there for me to share my story with. She has counseled me in ways words can’t describe. She has allowed me to be where I am and supported me on my journey like no other. Her honesty and gentleness puts me back in balance when I am about to give up. I have not had such a trust in a individual as I do with this incredible gifted no hold bars intuitive beautiful Soul . Knowing I am connected to her energy is a gift for me."

Linda De Narde,San Leandro, CA

"I've worked with Phyllis for over 8 years and often turn to her for advice and guidance. She has such a deep understanding of how energy and spiritual law works, it often blows my mind. While other intuitives may give "predictions", Phyllis gives you life advice you can trust and easily apply; she is a phenomenal coach. She is grounded, thoughtful, and has been such an uplifting force and mentor in my life."

Thank you!

Amber Khan,Principal & CEO

"Phyllis is an amazing teacher and psychic. She confirmed a job hire I was hoping to get and is spot on with her world-wide predictions."

Angie Stone Jackson,

“I have worked with Phyllis King for years. She has always been spot on with her uplifting energy readings, guidance and coaching. Her loving and caring navigation has helped to empower me to get unstuck, find my purpose and to move forward. Phyllis brings in the light of hope and inspires you when you feel hopeless. She has a gift and I am very grateful."


"I have been a client of Phyllis’ for over ten years. Every meeting we have gives me peace. Phyllis is relatable, kind and funny. She offers perspectives that I find enlightening."


"Phyllis King is positive, supportive, funny, insightful and illuminating. I’ve been listening to her weekly and monthly forecasts for awhile now and find them to be very accurate. I love her supportive, casual, down to earth style of communication. I was inspired to book her for a private and, again, found her insight to be spot on about things I’m working on in my life and how I can move forward with them. What ever it is that she's talking about, you feel uplifted and encouraged. I highly recommend her."

Erica J., ,Los Angeles, Ca

"I have been listening to Phyllis for a few years and have called in to speak to her. I appreciate her sincerity, kindness, interest in people and the positive energy she puts out."

Cary Friedman,,San Francisco

"Thanks for your years of knowledge Phyllis!"

San Buckman,

"I absolutely love Phyllis. She became more than a mentor to me; a caring and loving friend who went out of her way to support me in my darkest time. Through her program, I become a certified life coach; little did I know it was only the beginning of my journey to becoming a healer myself. She helped me set the groundwork in healing myself and prepared me on my journey of becoming. I couldn’t recommend her more 💜"

Sara,,San Francisco

"I have known Phyllis for over 10 years. I, like many of us wanted to know more than I knew or felt about certain things in my life…connecting with Phyllis brought me clarification and comfort. Beyond this, her human compassion, her heartfelt kindness is priceless. Consulting with Phyllis during some very tumultuous and difficult times in my life helped me and continues to help me beyond what I could have ever asked. I don’t think my words can express my gratitude for everything Phyllis has given me. I am and will always be in great love and appreciation."

Florence, ,Burbank, CA

"Phyllis is an exceptional leader with the ability to see the truth in any situation while offering helpful ways to improve it. She has a large capacity to hold space and offer empathetic help to those seeking transition in their lives and can provide concrete steps to attain goals. I am grateful to know Phyllis and anyone looking to make positive change would benefit from working with her."

Michele Johnson,Life Coach Student