Are you ready to bring a new love connection into your life? 

Do you want a life companion who gets you? 

Do you want someone to laugh with and create memories together?

Imagine your partner in your arms, holding and kissing you. Imagine your partner walking down the aisle to marriage, or planning a beautiful romantic getaway together. Imagine the connection and feeling of deep joy you have being completely vulnerable with your person.

If you’re reading this there must be a reason. Something in you must be calling out to you to revisit this subject in your life. If you’ve done a lot of work and self-evaluation and are still alone what you likely need is a REFRESH. A REFRESH of your energy. A REFRESH of your perspective. A REFRESH of your vision. A REFRESH of your tools. The things we learned 1, 5 or 10 years ago have expired. The energy is dead. All of us need to REFRESH periodically. 


Valentines Day is fast approaching and many people who want to have a partner are finding themselves alone again on February 14th. Are you sitting on the sidelines of your life lamenting that you are in the same place today you were a year ago, wondering why your person isn’t here.  

When you want a partner and can’t seem to make it happen, you inevitably start picking yourself a part. You start wondering “what’s wrong with me?” Even if you are at peace with your single status, you secretly yearn for the special person who “gets” you. You have begun to wonder if they even exist.

If you don’t mind eating alone, traveling alone, doing holidays alone or without a significant other, then close this offering now. But if you do want your love life to be different, read on..

If you were to REFRESH and restart your energy this month everything could be different for you in the coming year. If you don’t REFRESH what price will you pay? Another year of normalizing “alone.” Another year of missed happy moments. Another year of explaining away your singleness.

The top five reasons people don’t have love in their life are these:

1. You are too needy

2. You are too picky

3. You want people who don’t want you

4. You have a faulty filter

5. You haven’t worked on yourself enough 

We aren’t going to solve every one of these impediments to love in one day. These are the only reasons you aren’t in a relationship. (with rare exception). As we pull these apart you will be able to find out which one, or more of these apply to your creative process. Then we can create a road map that will take you to love.  

Awareness is the first step. We will create a future board that helps you ground the vision you have of love. We will reset your energy. You will leave the event with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose.


It’s time to take a new road. The old path you are on is getting you nowhere. Let’s press REFRESH and get you on track again. 2020 is the year of the makeover. Let’s use the energy and get it done!!  

Join me on Saturday, January 25th 9:00 am pst to 1:00 pm pst. 

I will help you reset your energy, clear your space, and set a new intention for love in the new decade. 


REFRESH LOVE!!  January 25th 2020, 9:00 to 1:00 pst - ZOOM Class