Abundance is not something you achieve it is something you tune into. When we clear away the impediments we have unintentionally constructed  abundance flows effortlessly in our lives

The Power of a Single Voice

There is no such thing as a single voice. Rather there is a voice that speaks for many who don't speak for themselves for one reason or another. When you give light,...

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The Power of a Single Voice

There is no such thing as a single voice. Rather there is a voice that speaks for many who don't speak for themselves for one reason or another. When you give light, expansion, vision, and determination to the level of "voice" you speak for many. Often people you don't even know.

I cannot tell you how many times over the course of my career people have written to me or email me thanking me for my words. They are happy and grateful their views or thoughts, are being reflected back to them .

My words said what I want to say. They reflect my thoughts and views. I am giving myself power and permission to have a voice. In so doing I empower others...many I don't even know. There have been many times when people call me and I routinely ask "how did you find me?" They offer some obscure reference. "I was at a cash register checking out and heard two women talking about you." The point is that energy travels. You can't always see it. It makes a difference when you show up in integrity and with the purpose of contribution. People are on high alert for that frequency consciously and unconsciously.

You are the same as me. You have the power to speak for others when you speak for yourself. Never think you voice standing alone in a hall or on a phone call, or just between friends, is just for you. We are all connected through energy. When you put your energy into consciousness, whether you see it or not, it goes somewhere.. it touches someone. Then you see it makes a difference.

In these times of unprecedented "separateness" remember, your voice matters. Raise you voice...rise into the fullness of your heart and who you are.. give your wisdom and your love wings to fly.

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Specialty Offerings

Chakra Balancing - BOOK A SESSION with this link

I am returning to some of my roots in healing to begin again offering several healing modalities.
One modality that is significantly potent for most of my clients is Chakra Balancing. Chakras are merely energy centers.  The word chakra means wheel.  Chakras house all of our information from this lifetime and others. When our primary energy centers are not balanced we find ourselves feeling stuck, sad, depressed or confused. No amount of talking or psychic reading will get you to a place in your energetic awareness. Often the combination of a chakra balancing with a psychic reading is a very potent way to move energy.  For some people it is life changing.   The average chakra balancing effects last about 3 weeks. 

When I do Chakra Balancing it follows this general process.

1. I look at your core 7 chakras, one at a time, to see:
2. How they are spinning, slow, fast, not all all
3. What is in the chakra?
4. What are some of the agreements you have that you need to update or release?
5. Who is in your energy taking your energy?
6. What is your blindspot?
7. Is anything broken or need repair?

After I look at the chakras I help you remove cords, update agreements, make repairs and help you get the chakras moving efficiently, to the degree you are ready to expand in your life. Many times if you have completely neglected your energetic body, you do accumulate a lot of dings and old stuff that slows down your natural process.
I will give you some aftercare strategies to keep the new expanded awareness alive. Most people experience significant relief immediately. The effects last several weeks.
The cost is $159. It takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more, to get through the process. It depends upon what I see when I get there.

Reiki Healing  - BOOK A SESSION with This Link

As a Reiki Practitioner I can channel divine consciousness energy into your body, your life, your business, your love life, or a property. You can literally use Reiki for anything. It can be done in a hands-on format in person, or long-distance.

Launch Your Business - BOOK Here with this Link

Launch Your Business - In additional to receive my 8 lesson Video Course, you will receive specific guidance, instruction and tools to get your dream project off the ground.  I utilize all my skills from 20+ years in business development.  


Awakened Leadership and Executive Coaching - Contact Me for a Consultation

Is the morale at your company or organization low? Are you experiencing of lack trust with fellow employees or your management? Is it interfering with your ability to be content in your environment and your job? Do you fear your company may be going under? Is your leadership flailing or non existent?
I have over 20 years experience building successful teams, dealing with low employee morale, and with strategic planning to solve these very types of destructive and debilitating patterns in business environments. I’ve been successful in nonprofit, the private sector and in corporate environments.
Some of the common areas I address in one on one scenarios, group, and team dynamics are:

 * Building Alliances

    * 5 Traits of Brilliant Leaders

   * Correction of Low Morale - It's Origin and It's Remedy

  • How to Help Your employees Feel Great about Doing a Great Job

  • How to Understand and Repair Relationship Rifts

  • The Art of Successful communication in the Workplace

  • Creating Cohesive Teams

  • How to Resolve Conflict

   * Time Management
    *  Inspiring Loyalty

Phyllis King

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