8 Ways to Stay in the Divine Flow

There are eight aspects in which God can be experienced: as Light, Sound, Peace, Calmness, Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Power. To experience Him as Light during meditation brings calmness to the mind, purifying it and giving it clarity.The more deeply one...

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(+ correct/incorrect predictions of 2015)

1. Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election, although Jeb Bush, not Donald Trump, gives her a run for her money. Hillary will change the US approach around the globe from policing agent to peace making agent.

2. Russian economy continues to decline. This decline will spur greater alliances between China and Russia.

3. Terrorism continues to be hot on the minds of global leaders. More terror attacks will occur around the globe including the U.S. In the U.S. they will be homegrown, abroad they will be more complex. Drone technology will play a significant role in reducing the ISIS threat.

4. Global weather and disaster events will continue to be profound. Typhoon in the Philippines, earthquakes in Japan, tornadoes in the Midwes...

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Phyllis King