Abundance is not something you achieve it is something you tune into. When we clear away the impediments we have unintentionally constructed  abundance flows effortlessly in our lives

The Millionaire Mindset

One of the top 3 questions people ask me in a session is about their finances. Either is there enough? Will I have enough? Or, how do I create more?

Money represents the flow...

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The Millionaire Mindset

One of the top 3 questions people ask me in a session is about their finances. Either is there enough? Will I have enough? Or, how do I create more?

Money represents the flow of energy. To attract a steady money-flow in our lives, we must learn to view money, not as a thing, but as an expression of energy, an expression of "our" energy. We are either drawing money to us or repelling it by our energy. Knowing how to use your money energy is also part of magnetism. Making the very best of what you have. Wealth cannot be equated with a fixed number. It is how you view what you have and what you do with it. Stories upon stories exist of people who have relatively few resources, but are extraordinarily happy. They have learned to appreciate the beauty of what they have and do not see their circumstance as less-than. Of course, there are stories upon stories of people who have extraordinary resources and are quite unhappy.

Wealth is the consciousness of abundance. Poverty is consciousness of lack. Both are states of mind. You are as rich or as poor as you believe yourself to be. There is often an unconscious energy that either propels us into wealth consciousness or repels us from wealth consciousness.

There are many "to do" steps one can take to become a millionaire. At the core of the "to do" list is mastering the mindset. The mindset must be grounded in the following elements:

1. Security within yourself - What is true wealth?
2. Awareness of a greater reality
3. An understanding that you are part of an intelligent reality
4. An understanding of what is available
5. Living wisely, making sound choices
6. The value of giving
7. The need for concentration
8. Attending to the Subconscious
9. The Power of Affirmative statements
10. Cultivating Practical Idealism

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How We Unintentionally Avoid Our Authentic Selves

Many of us think that superior coping mechanisms, and the ability to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps after every loss or complication is the ultimate masterful goal.   We think of ongoing "doing" as success. However, action, achievement and ignoring our emotions is often how we distance from our authentic self.    Yes, we do need to function in our lives, no matter what life throws at us.   Yet, too often we value function over feeling.  We ignore ourselves.   We leave reservoirs of unresolved "schmutz" in our creative mechanism.   In that "ignorance" we mute the sound of our own higher wisdom instructing us about our next steps.  We miss the signs to the healing.  We skip the exit that will take us to abundance, and we decide love should be conditional.

Western culture tells us that mastering the achievement model is the answer to a happy life.   It also tells us that being able to press on and suck up our emotional wounding is the answer to a happy life.   Our friends and family will tell us 'YOU'RE SO AMAZING."  We are validated for not feeling our life.  We are fed two competing messages.  One, be authentic. Two, only in appearance.   We must be well kept, slim, have a great smile, an overflowing bank account, while our life falls apart.

This false ideology forces us into a psychically shattered existence.  The ancients called it "THE DISEASE OF DUALITY."  An egoic life.  Sometimes a spiritual life.   Rarely shall the two meet.  We do this because stimulation is our drug of choice.   We prefer to stimulate ourselves and avoid anything uncomfortable than acknowledge our feelings of unworthiness, grief or fatigue.  We press on.
The problem with all this achieving, action, and distancing from our potent emotions, is that our true creative intentions are pushed through these filters diluting our most authentic and precious reasons for living.   No matter how hard we try to use our best intentions, our best creative energy, and best heart, we still fall short in our outcomes.  We are not happy.   Our best intentions were polluted with false idea energy.  External achievement energy.  The external is what happens as a result of the internal awareness.   We keep getting it backwards.   Stimulation suspends us in limited thinking.

We become identified with the egoic experience as the valuable experience.  I call it "the tail wagging the dog."  The tail effectively slaps duct tape over our soul's mouth silencing her wisdom.  I am all for the most benevolent life one can have.  I am in full support of enjoying the fruits that life can bear.   The only fruit that keeps on giving is that our awareness of connection to each other as one, and to divine source as the giver.  Without that connection or awareness of that connection we feel separate from each other, and independent.  We feel alone.   Our thoughts and our choices are all about "me me me."   In the law of abundance, if we want to receive, we have to receive from a perspective that all can receive, even those we despise.

If you want your creations to give you what you want them to give you, stop moving.  Be still.   Listen to yourself.  Then, and only then will you begin to create from authentic creative source energy.

Phyllis King

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