Consciousness creates energy.
Energy creates matter.
Attend to your consciousness.
Benevolent outcomes will follow.

How to Change Your Vibration, and Why You Should


We all agree everything is energy. Beyond intellectual agreement we must honor the energy reality if we want to see results in our life. Yet, even the most intelligent and spiritually advanced of us skip over the energetic truth that expansion begins ...

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How to Change Your Vibration, and Why You Should


We all agree everything is energy. Beyond intellectual agreement we must honor the energy reality if we want to see results in our life. Yet, even the most intelligent and spiritually advanced of us skip over the energetic truth that expansion begins internally. It begins internally ALWAYS. Not sometimes. ALWAYS. Too often we remain fixated on external results. Our energy remains out in front of us striving for outcomes we "think" will calm our internal struggle.


When we take a moment to consider energetic reality, we know from experience when we have clarity, we have direction and purpose. We can visualize the path to our outcomes. When we don't have clarity we do a lot of bumping into things. Or finding ways to trigger our wounding as a means to wake ourselves up to our creative process. We defer to hope and stimulation. Then, we continue to invest our energy in futility striving for outcomes that cannot fill us up or meet our needs. We have yet to expand enough internally to generate a different outcome. Everything we create falls short of what we actually need. That's the tip off that your vibration needs to change.


If you want something or someone in your life, go inside first. Ask why. What is driving this motivation? Am I generating energy that is consistent with the energy I hope to receive? Are they opposites? Our job is to make certain we have expanded internally. What does that mean? Are you free or are you desperate? Do you have autonomy or do you think it means something about you that your outcome x,y,z is not here yet? Or, that you will be something other than what you are when outcome x, y, z arrives?


In this self assessment process you will wake up to the energy you are consuming and bathing in as you create your life. You can choose to keep using what you are or not. The best way to change your vibration is to love yourself enough to attend to the truth of your energetic reality. If you feel worthless, unlovable, afraid, or undeserving, or any "un" word on the spectrum, attend to that emptiness. Put yourself first, and attend to the business of bringing your energy into balance. Balance meaning, you have clarity. It doesn't necessarily mean you are free from all pain. It means you are clear about what is activated and working in your energetic creative process, i.e. your life.


A couple years ago I began getting sick all the time because I got very worn down. I was literally diagnosed with exhaustion. I was living outside of my body a lot. I was coming out of a cycle of a lot of material success, and felt great about my creations. In the revel of success I lost track of my internal GPS. I was living from ego. I began to accommodate others too much. I began to neglect my own self care. I stopped looking at my creative process with diligence. I allowed fears and past time desperations to take charge of my energy. I essentially went to sleep in my life. It took a lot to wake myself back up. As soon I awoke to the energy I had been consuming, I realized two things:

1. I had been doing myself a great disservice.
2. I knew exactly what I had to do to get back on track in my life.


As soon as I woke up to the energy I had been ingesting, everything started to realign back to a sense of thriving in my life. It wasn't that life turned against me, or turned it's back on me, or that I was doing anything wrong. I simply fell asleep to the laws of energy. I took it for granted. I paid a price with my physical health, and then my mental strength.


If you are not thriving, if you are frustrated, if you are feeling victimized by life, lean into it. Ask for help. Knock on doors. Keep knocking until you are again awake to your internal state of affairs. Do this before you attempt to create externally. When you change your internal view/vibration your external will begin to change. All the goodies you want to create or receive become available.

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5 Rules of Energy We Often Forget

1.  We are in a Living Creative Universe 24/7.  

Energy is always moving, we are always creating.   For this reason we must be active, never passive.  Active meaning engaged intentionally with our process.  Otherwise we will create and continue to create from unconsciousness which is the most common culprit in why we create what we don't want.

2.  Uncomfortable Outcomes are Opportunities to Expand

When we look at life through the lens of the ego, we see disappointments or things that don't work out like we want them to as punishments or failures.   Rather we have to be committed to separating from ego, and always be ready to ask "what is the gift in this moment?"   The ego defines success as "I get what I want."  That is an extremely narrow definition.   Even getting what you want can get boring and lose it's appeal.  We learn through challenge and discomfort because it works.   Nothing outside of us ever brings us to happiness.  What brings us to happiness is our ability to manage our own reactions to life in a way that we don't lose our internal sense of peace, love and trust with life.

3. The Future is Subject to Change

You know the phrase "the best laid plans......"   The gift of life is that we are in a fluid universe, and that the future can be changed.   Sometimes it can be difficult to redirect an existing momentum.  It can be done.  The same possibility is true for positive outcomes.  If you relinquish responsibility for your creative process you can drop the ball.  A momentum you thought was a "shoe-in" can vaporize before your eyes.  Even when momentums seem certain don't disengage.  Participate fully until you reach the outcome you desire.

4.  Don't Take it So Seriously

We are here to grow and evolve on the path to ultimate enlightenment and bliss. This is a playground combined with Earth School.   We often forget that experience is only for us to become more.  Once we learn the value of an experience it's impact and import on our life dissipates.   We don't have to take it so seriously.  What we don't learn will be presented to us again in another form until we shift and expand our awareness.  We will learn.  You can't fail.   The ego says failure.  The spirit says experience.

5.  You Don't Get Out of Karma By Doing it Badly

We try to deny karma and align with ego to avoid the patience and discipline of being conscious.   In these times, we don't want to sit still to feel.  We don't want to take time to understand our creative process.   Energy continues to create itself based upon the vrittis (whirlpools of limited awareness) in our chakras, our energy centers.  If we don't reduce the charge on our vrittis we continue to create through our chakras the same old patterns, feelings, relationships, conflicts, etc.  We have to change our energy to change our life.

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