Abundance is not something you achieve it is something you tune into. When we clear away the impediments we have unintentionally constructed  abundance flows effortlessly in our lives

The Millionaire Mindset

One of the top 3 questions people ask me in a session is about their finances. Either is there enough? Will I have enough? Or, how do I create more?

Money represents the flow...

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The Millionaire Mindset

One of the top 3 questions people ask me in a session is about their finances. Either is there enough? Will I have enough? Or, how do I create more?

Money represents the flow of energy. To attract a steady money-flow in our lives, we must learn to view money, not as a thing, but as an expression of energy, an expression of "our" energy. We are either drawing money to us or repelling it by our energy. Knowing how to use your money energy is also part of magnetism. Making the very best of what you have. Wealth cannot be equated with a fixed number. It is how you view what you have and what you do with it. Stories upon stories exist of people who have relatively few resources, but are extraordinarily happy. They have learned to appreciate the beauty of what they have and do not see their circumstance as less-than. Of course, there are stories upon stories of people who have extraordinary resources and are quite unhappy.

Wealth is the consciousness of abundance. Poverty is consciousness of lack. Both are states of mind. You are as rich or as poor as you believe yourself to be. There is often an unconscious energy that either propels us into wealth consciousness or repels us from wealth consciousness.

There are many "to do" steps one can take to become a millionaire. At the core of the "to do" list is mastering the mindset. The mindset must be grounded in the following elements:

1. Security within yourself - What is true wealth?
2. Awareness of a greater reality
3. An understanding that you are part of an intelligent reality
4. An understanding of what is available
5. Living wisely, making sound choices
6. The value of giving
7. The need for concentration
8. Attending to the Subconscious
9. The Power of Affirmative statements
10. Cultivating Practical Idealism

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5 Rules of Energy We Often Forget

1.  We are in a Living Creative Universe 24/7.  

Energy is always moving, we are always creating.   For this reason we must be active, never passive.  Active meaning engaged intentionally with our process.  Otherwise we will create and continue to create from unconsciousness which is the most common culprit in why we create what we don't want.

2.  Uncomfortable Outcomes are Opportunities to Expand

When we look at life through the lens of the ego, we see disappointments or things that don't work out like we want them to as punishments or failures.   Rather we have to be committed to separating from ego, and always be ready to ask "what is the gift in this moment?"   The ego defines success as "I get what I want."  That is an extremely narrow definition.   Even getting what you want can get boring and lose it's appeal.  We learn through challenge and discomfort because it works.   Nothing outside of us ever brings us to happiness.  What brings us to happiness is our ability to manage our own reactions to life in a way that we don't lose our internal sense of peace, love and trust with life.

3. The Future is Subject to Change

You know the phrase "the best laid plans......"   The gift of life is that we are in a fluid universe, and that the future can be changed.   Sometimes it can be difficult to redirect an existing momentum.  It can be done.  The same possibility is true for positive outcomes.  If you relinquish responsibility for your creative process you can drop the ball.  A momentum you thought was a "shoe-in" can vaporize before your eyes.  Even when momentums seem certain don't disengage.  Participate fully until you reach the outcome you desire.

4.  Don't Take it So Seriously

We are here to grow and evolve on the path to ultimate enlightenment and bliss. This is a playground combined with Earth School.   We often forget that experience is only for us to become more.  Once we learn the value of an experience it's impact and import on our life dissipates.   We don't have to take it so seriously.  What we don't learn will be presented to us again in another form until we shift and expand our awareness.  We will learn.  You can't fail.   The ego says failure.  The spirit says experience.

5.  You Don't Get Out of Karma By Doing it Badly

We try to deny karma and align with ego to avoid the patience and discipline of being conscious.   In these times, we don't want to sit still to feel.  We don't want to take time to understand our creative process.   Energy continues to create itself based upon the vrittis (whirlpools of limited awareness) in our chakras, our energy centers.  If we don't reduce the charge on our vrittis we continue to create through our chakras the same old patterns, feelings, relationships, conflicts, etc.  We have to change our energy to change our life.

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