Abundance is not something you achieve it is something you tune into. When we clear away the impediments we have unintentionally constructed  abundance flows effortlessly in our lives

The Power of a Single Voice

There is no such thing as a single voice. Rather there is a voice that speaks for many who don't speak for themselves for one reason or another. When you give light,...

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The Power of a Single Voice

There is no such thing as a single voice. Rather there is a voice that speaks for many who don't speak for themselves for one reason or another. When you give light, expansion, vision, and determination to the level of "voice" you speak for many. Often people you don't even know.

I cannot tell you how many times over the course of my career people have written to me or email me thanking me for my words. They are happy and grateful their views or thoughts, are being reflected back to them .

My words said what I want to say. They reflect my thoughts and views. I am giving myself power and permission to have a voice. In so doing I empower others...many I don't even know. There have been many times when people call me and I routinely ask "how did you find me?" They offer some obscure reference. "I was at a cash register checking out and heard two women talking about you." The point is that energy travels. You can't always see it. It makes a difference when you show up in integrity and with the purpose of contribution. People are on high alert for that frequency consciously and unconsciously.

You are the same as me. You have the power to speak for others when you speak for yourself. Never think you voice standing alone in a hall or on a phone call, or just between friends, is just for you. We are all connected through energy. When you put your energy into consciousness, whether you see it or not, it goes somewhere.. it touches someone. Then you see it makes a difference.

In these times of unprecedented "separateness" remember, your voice matters. Raise you voice...rise into the fullness of your heart and who you are.. give your wisdom and your love wings to fly.

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Intuitive Life Coaching


Is Intuitive Coaching Right For You?

Take this short quiz to help you answer that question.

- Are you the person your friends and family turn to for advice or to keep a confidence?

- Have you found yourself taking time out of your own daily responsibilities to help someone else?

- Have you been looking for a way to deepen your spiritual awareness or intuition?

- Would you like to learn how to add value to your current profession or a develop a new profession?

- Do you get joy seeing others succeed?

- Would you like to add additional income to your life?


If you answered yes to more than 2 of these questions, then you are a great candidate for my Intuitive Coaching Program. With over 30 years experience in business development, holistic healing, and clarity coaching for individuals, executives and corporations, I have created a cutting edge program that focuses on the fundamentals of being a successful coach and mentor.

Even more, it provides ample room for you to emerge into the vision you have of yourself in this role. You get coached while you learn to coach. It's a beautiful process that leaves students happier, more empowered and razor focused about their future. You will understand completely how to bring your goals into reality. No stone is left unturned. You will be shown how to deliver your unique gifts and talents to those people who resonate with what you have to offer.

- Many of my graduates currently have full or part-time coaching practices.

- All my graduates have a deeper understanding of spirituality, and how to access their intuition.

- All my graduates have a broader awareness of how to generate income and speak to their tribe, while they increase their income

If you would like to learn more about the program email me for a free consultation at phyllis@phyllisking.com. We will find out if this program is for you. I don't work with everyone. I only choose to work with people who are truly ready to take the next step in their life. Email me or call me at 510-612-2917, and we'll discuss your goals.

Phyllis King

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