8 Ways to Stay in the Divine Flow

There are eight aspects in which God can be experienced: as Light, Sound, Peace, Calmness, Love, Joy, Wisdom, and Power. To experience Him as Light during meditation brings calmness to the mind, purifying it and giving it clarity.The more deeply one...

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Call in Your Soul Partner  Individual or Group Coaching

Are you looking for love?  Have you been attracting the wrong partner, or the same partner over and over?  Are you ready to open your heart to discover the elements necessary to call in a true love and life partner?   If so, then Calling in Your Soul Partner is perfect for you.

When readiness meets intention, love comes in. It's that simple.  We must understand our past, our present, our creative process, and how to truly set an intention that matches with our vision of love.    I call this "readiness."   You will learn how to identify your state of readiness.

I have helped hundreds of women learn how to connect to the right and perfect partner.    It's about connection, not attraction.   If you are ready to take a step into a heart driven life, you've come to the right place.   REGISTER NOW

Phyllis King