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The Energy of Abundance
This books reveals each
person's unique and

 Phyllis combines Heightened Spiritual
Awareness with Proven Life Management Skills
to offer Full Spectrum Career and
Life Transformation Possibilities

Phyllis King has coached tens of thousands of people in 20 different countries.  She is known for her practical and down to earth approach.  She has been featured on CBS and NBC TV, radio programs across the country, and has been published in over 70 print and online publications.   She has authored four books, including Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times, with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Her latest  book ,The Energy of Abundance, Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything in Life is available in bookstores now. Phyllis holds a B.A. in Sociology.

 Phyllis offers a full range of personal, professional and spiritual support.   From intuitive readings to individual and

Corporate Coaching programs.  The Founder of the King Mastery Institute she trains and certifies others to become Life

 Coaches, Professional Mentors and Service Professionals.   She helps individuals and business professionals expand their leadership skills, increase their income, and improve their level of personal satisfaction.


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REPLAY of 90 Minute Class -
What to Do When the Law of Attraction Isn't Working - Click here to receive the audio

 St. Joseph's Hospital, February 2016





    -  clearly identify your wants, needs, your purpose and passion
    -  understand why you have not achieved your wants to date, 
          and what to do about it
    - learn to free yourself from the blame game
    - learn techniques that are the game changers in your life
    - learn how to awaken the power of affirmations,
       meditation and visualization
    - learn how to set goals that get you to your destination
    - learn how to release press the "soar" button on creating your dreams
    - learn how to become a money magnet, a love magnet and
         a success magnet

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  • Summer - 2016 NEW ONLINE CLASS -
    Calling in the One - 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life
  • The last journey you will ever need to take to connect to the love your desire and deserve
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Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times
with Dr. Wayne Dyer. A book of essays...
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